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i love
when its all said and done it gets hard but it wont take away my love.

Photobucket Ayuu Wahyuni
23 june
Ayuu Wahyuni


A hundred days
have made me older
Since the last time
that I saw your pretty face
A thousand lies
have made me colder

biar ku begini
Monday, November 15, 2010

well today i went to bugis interview keje ! hoping i will get the job lah !
hmm my dad hantar and he was like zooooooooom ! hahah ! shiok laaa !
i am really dreaming to get a bike soon!
ahhahahha ! siao lah aku ni!
hmm then i got to use high heel ! like wth . cause kasot da pecah ! then after da
interview work then ader satu pompan ni approach me and ask me
to join the company of model2 !
i was like huh? not interested laa! then just walked off . bagi angelyn lagii bagos!
sayeeeeeee rinnnnnduuuuu kawaaaaan kaaawanku ..
okeh im done updating ((:


thanks for being patient with me
Monday, October 18, 2010

i love and i miss you so much hady! im so lucky to have you by my side and have you in my life . Thanks for being kind with me always.
Although i have done mistakes again and again you still be patient with me . frankly , ive never find a guy like you in my life .

i miss you
Friday, October 15, 2010

finally i ader mood nak blog !

aaandddd on wednesday yanie ajak lepak then i goo jer .

da lame kn tak meet dier .

then we mkn kfc then jalan2 at jp ! then we jumpe lilyison

then we follow them see her dance .

its totally nice !

and today actually nak gi newton p interview work tapii like

tak lei percaya uhh . cause tibe2 tyme balik aderr ni laki teros bebual ngn kiter !

isnt it weird . its soooooooo weird i tell you!

then yanie ni maseh boleh layan pulak tuh! hahah !

funnyy lahh you! and yeah we had fun together ! and now i sakit perot! da mcm ryn lak hahaha! peace(:

and i feel like missing everyone . seriouslyy !

school pon dahh end !

and ive plaanned wht i want to do in my life already .

this is just my pplan ..
if i pass my n yang 3 subject tuh . ill study ite . insyaalah lah ,

but i got second plan . angelyn say next year jan , jean yip bukak ape tah .

then she ask me to join so its much more faster .

or maybe i workworkwork then ade rezeki then ill go blaja beauty courses ..
okay lah hari ini dudok rumah sunnguh lah mendak tersangat !
besok then go try find work again uhhhh . ((:


Ku sering termenung fikirkanmu
Friday, October 8, 2010

today i woke up early . hahah mcm first ttyme gituhh!
yeahh ! ill be going out with jepon later! weeeee .
da lame uhh tak kuwa ngn dier ! annd yeah soon gooing out with ryn .
and i loveee you so much ! (hady)


i miss you badly
Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally school is over !
tapi results confirm hancur !
and yeahh this saturday going out with hady ! (:
i really miss him a lot . :(
so maybe tomorrow going out with jepon or ryn .